Components: Detailed miniatures and quality cardboard, and while the card stock is nice it could be thicker.

Game Setup: Game setup is variable based on player count. There are several map scenarios included in the game and there is a section on making your own maps. Setup is not quick, but its not overly long for a game like this either. Plan on at least 10 or 15 minutes.

Mechanics: Deck building, tableau building, variable powers.

Game Play: Activate a row and column of your city to gather resources and use powers. Move your army to conquer lands, build new buildings, research new tech.

Last Word: We *really* enjoyed out time with Monumental. Its a nice combination of a civ game and a deck builder. VPs are awarded at the end based on 4 different criteria and ignoring any of them is not advised. The mechanics mesh together nicely and its nice to play a civ game that doesn’t take all day but still feels finished when its all over. If you are like us you will want to sleeve your cards though as we plan to play it quite a few times.

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