Stranded on a deserted island with Robinson Crusoe

Its not new, but its a favorite of ours. Its been a while since we played so we re-played scenario 1 and built us a huge signal fire and got rescued. This is the first printing with the expansion and that left us wondering how the 2nd printing compared. We know the box is different so there are probably other changes as well…

Its a tough game, but its one of those games that’s so fun you don’t mind losing. Now that we refreshed it in our minds we’ll probably play it a bunch over the next month or so going through all the scenarios.

Arr! Pirate Republic

Early morning pirate goodness. Pirate Republic is a little rough on the first play, but its a fun Euro/Ameritrash combo about a subject matter that has run it course already.

Be sure to download the latest rulebook. The first rule book is a mess and the designers full own it. The latest version contains plenty of typos but is much clearer regarding the mechanics.

There are several minor shortcomings with this title, but they are very minor like the ships could have been customized to match your pirate clan.

The mechanics are different and offer an experience that is fun and not like anything else out there. Its clearly not Merchants and Marauders and while comparisons will be made, its clearly not trying to be as it plays in a fifth of the time as M&M. The mechanics are different enough that when we started playing I thought the experience was broken, but we played on anyways and it ended up being a pretty clever, if not clouded system.

If you are looking for different fun that plays in a casual time frame but is not casual itself, you can do a lot worse than Pirate Republic.

Masters of the Galaxy

Masters of the Galaxy we fun for what it was, if you go in wanting that kind of fun. Its easy to see why most 4x games are all-day affairs. We really wanted to love this game. Its well produced and fun to look at. And the possibilities during play are pretty vast. However since the winning conditions can be filled in an hour or so if can feel pretty underwhelming. We really enjoyed the abstraction of the mechanics and how they fit the theme, but its over before you really get going is what it feels like. And all 4x games can feel like this no matter how long they take to play I guess. There is always the run-up time to get going where there is little or no conflict followed by the period where its all conflict. With everything so abstract (which we love) the conflict portion pretty much plays out itself just reporting how how well you were able to do in the run-up portion of the game.

The Faceless Arrives!

(Click on an image for an expanded view)

The Faceless arrived at the Milwaukee Company of Gamers and we got a few plays in. The manipulating magnets to affect a compass as the main mechanic is pretty nifty.

The sculpts are ultra-fantastic as well so we may be looking at getting them a pro paint job.

No wins yet as we’ve been nothing but victims of Billygoat and his sack full of little kid’s memories, but it seems its quite doable. Check it out if you’re coming to an event.

City of Kings has arrived!

Click an image for expanded view….

City of Kinds has arrived at MilCoG headquarters and me and Verika Gamer Gal got in a handful of plays already…

Its glorious. Its everything I wanted Legends of Andor to be and more. Its certainly in the running for our game of 2019. And its likely going to make sure our Gloomhaven stays un-opened…