Components: Medium quality components. Highly stylized cartoon art.

Game Setup: 10 minutes.

Mechanics: Action selection, tableau building, resource management

Game Play: Select your actions, spend resources, move and/or attack with your units

Last Word: Typical ultra-simple resource management and combat game without any special mechanics or twists, so a step above Stratego with no hidden units that failed to move us. At 30 minutes a player this over-stayed its welcome quickly. This might be a good fit for kids who want to battle each other but for a Euro strategy gamer there are just too many turns to get anywhere interesting and even when you get there its not that interesting.


Components: This is the Deluxe Edition with very high-quality components. Minor nit-pick: the gold nuggets were plastic and not metal.

Game Setup: Our first play took 15 minutes to setup. Subsequent plays will probably only take 10 or so.

Mechanics: Simultaneous role-selection, resource management, hand-management, engine-building, bluffing.

Game Play: Secretly select your role while engaging in some bluffing to manipulate your friends to do your bidding, collect your resources, spend your resources.

Last Word: Another game that “resource management” does not being to describe the game at all. Coloma is a great blend of all its mechanics in a way that makes it greater than the sum of its parts. We found it to be very fun and easier to play through than Final Frontier Game’s earlier release – Rise to Nobility (which we reviewed earlier this year in this blog). Final Frontier Games is quickly becoming a favorite publisher and we’re looking to buy whatever they release at this point.

Rurik Dawn of Kiev

Components: Good quality components. Art work is *amazing* if you like the classics. And there is a great amount of non-repeating art.

Game Setup: Our first game took 10 minutes to setup but it was very straight forward.

Mechanics: A unique worker-placement, resource-management, area-control, bidding.

Game Play: Calling this a typical worker-placement/resource management game is an injustice. The power vs initiate worker placement mechanic is as slick as they come. There are so many *options* for scoring points but only a few ways to score points so scoring is tight. The subtle ways to attempt to outwit your opponents in this game provides many paths to victory but you have to be that much more wary of letting your guard down in those same areas. This is not a “victory point salad game’.

Last Word: In Rurik you are rewarded for having a strategic vision and executing it correctly like no other game we can easily think of. This game will see our table many, many times and has the potential to be one of the best games of the year for us. PieceKeeper Games has a fantastic game here!


Components: Good components. Nice, fitting art work.

Game Setup: Ain’t a thing – few minutes at most.

Mechanics: “Tile” laying, drawing.

Game Play: Scores like Isle of Skye but instead of auction mechanics players draw shapes of different types (shown on revealed cards) on their “map” trying to achieve the goals highlighted on the scoring cards. Each turn a new card is revealed which gives players a choice in what type of terrain they need to add to their map and what shape.

Last Word: Super simple, super fun. Some players may experience AP but the game isn’t long enough for it to be a really big deal. Great little game that is different than most anything out there. Its easy to see why Thunderworks Games has a hit here.

Cities Skylines

Components: Average high-quality components you’d expect from an established publisher.

Game Setup: 5 or so minutes depending on the scenario.

Mechanics: Interactive resource management, tile-laying, hand management, card play, cooperative.

Game Play: Play a card, place a tile, apply the effects. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Last Word: We love Kosmos games and we love city games and we love cooperative games so this was a no-brainer for us, right? Well, it fell pretty flat. Its another cooperative game that is more suited to solo play than group play. There just isn’t enough interesting choices to make it worth the time it takes to slog through it. Even for solo play it likely will play itself. Yes, there could be fun to be had to see if you can beat your previous scores, or playuing cooperatively with you kids would be a nice use of this game, but there is a pretty low ceiling on gaming ROI here if you ask us.


Components: Wonderful component quality. The metal coins are not flat but rather pillow-like with strong relief on them.

Game Setup: A few minutes is all it takes to setup Roam.

Mechanics: Set collection, risk management, variable powers, resource management, but mostly area control.

Game Play: Simple and light game play. Choose a character and use their placement “power” to lay down tiles in an attempt to control a card and claim it when it is completed. Claimed card yield new characters, players can use on their turns.

Last Word: Roam is a layered abstract game with a pasted on theme. It does what it is supposed to do and doesn’t over-stay its welcome but its also not very satisfying either. That said we liked it better than Splendor or the line of Century games.

Ghosts of the Moor

Welcome to this travel edition of MilCoG reviews. Today while on vacation at an indoor water park we played a few Halloween themed games…

Components: The same high-quality components you expect from a major publisher. Wooden meeples, good art, good production quality.

Game Setup: A few minutes is all it takes to setup Ghosts of the Moor.

Mechanics: Set collection, risk management, push-you-luck, dice rolling/roll-and-move, race.

Game Play: Simple and light game play. Roll the die, choose which member of your team to move based on your set collection goals and stomach for risk.

Last Word: Ghosts of the Moor is a really fun game if you are looking for something portable and light with a short playing time that still feels like a game. It has hit our table more than a few times when we wanted to play a little more but did not want to start something “regular sized” and its even traveled with us and was played at a small airport waiting area table. If you want a new filler-type game you can do a lot worse than Ghosts of the Moor. MilCoG recommended! See TMG for more info…

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