Q: “What is “MilCoG”?
A: The Milwaukee Company of Gamers is a large, hobby board gaming group with ties to the board game industry. The “Company” in MilCoG refers to our collective members, supporters, and partnerships; not a company i.e. for-profit business.

Q: What does MilCoG do?
A: We’re ambassadors to the table-top gaming hobby/industry spreading awareness and providing accessibility to the hobby with a professional, friendly presentation that is welcoming to veteran gamers and would-be-gamers alike.

We have a large library housing a diverse selections of games available to try. We’re operated by helpful staff ready to assist with recommendations and demos. Our reach in the gaming industry is decent which allows us to remain relevant and current.

Q: Where can I access your library?
A: Our game library is available at any of the many regional cons we support or at local events we host. Our Facebook page has our events listed. Follow us there to get on invite lists so you never miss an event.

Q: How can I get my game/Kickstarter/business/convention involved with MilCoG?
A: We have many supporting partnerships. Contact us directly and let’s figure something out that works for both of us.

Q: Why don’t you have X game available in your library?
A: Most of the library is self-funded. Its a very large library and contains more titles that we could ever bring to a small or medium size show, so some games are always left behind. Older titles might be “retired” from active circulation as well. Also, our partners do donate their products in exchange for a place in the library and on our demo tables. We can only bring so much with us so if it comes down to having to buy a copy of a title ourselves or bring a title that someone supported us with, it makes the most sense to go with the donated copy. “Help us help you” goes a long way…