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More Pax

Tomorrow is our last day at Pax so there will be some more sharing of all the MilCoG friends we met again and how our adventures played out. We are spending most of our time in the Gigamic booth volunteering for them because they always donate their awesome abstracts and party games to our library.  

Here is Jamey holding court during a game of Hellapagos, their “cooperative until it isn’t” game.  If you are here stop by to talk to Jamey or Erika! (click pic for link to publisher)

Game-a-ton Update!

We’ve updated the Game-a-ton FB event listing. Notable additions are:

1. The location will be CMP tactical Lazer Tag Milwaukee
2. Tabletop Events is where we will be posting our event grid.
3. Come and try the NewGameapalooza Escape Room!
4. Confirmed that Guys, Games, and Beer will be having some classic video game console action and related chaos to enjoy!

Things are starting to move faster now so stay tuned in…there are more details  here… https://www.facebook.com/events/