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Getting ready for the Midwest Gaming Classic

The Midwest Gaming Classic is the largest gaming convention in Wisconsin with an annual attendance of 10k gamers! Again we’re providing the table-top game library where we loan out games, showcase games, and demo games. Its a big show and takes a lot of preparation so we’ve gotten an early start to all the work…

Publishers! Do we have your latest games in our collection? If not, and you’d like to have us put your game in front of thousands of faces and have it played by hungry gamers, now is the time to contact us to make the arrangements to get them to us!

The Faceless Arrives!

(Click on an image for an expanded view)

The Faceless arrived at the Milwaukee Company of Gamers and we got a few plays in. The manipulating magnets to affect a compass as the main mechanic is pretty nifty.

The sculpts are ultra-fantastic as well so we may be looking at getting them a pro paint job.

No wins yet as we’ve been nothing but victims of Billygoat and his sack full of little kid’s memories, but it seems its quite doable. Check it out if you’re coming to an event.

City of Kings has arrived!

Click an image for expanded view….

City of Kinds has arrived at MilCoG headquarters and me and Verika Gamer Gal got in a handful of plays already…

Its glorious. Its everything I wanted Legends of Andor to be and more. Its certainly in the running for our game of 2019. And its likely going to make sure our Gloomhaven stays un-opened…

More games from PAX and other library additions

Click pictures for expanded view…More special thanks rolling out to Slugfest Games, Atlas Games, Thunderworks Games, Crafty Games, Steve Jackson Games, and Mayday Games for donations to the MilCoG library. Come out and play these fun titles!

More New Games from PAX

Holiday break is giving us a chance to go through the boxes of donated games from our trip to PAX. So far we’re very impressed with everything we’ve played. Right now we are in an age of new games flooding the landscape but everything we’ve played from this trip is unique and fun which says a lot about the creativity of the industry.

All these games (and more we will be featuring as we can) are added to the MilCoG Game Library so come check them out at our events this coming year.

Happy Holidays!