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Midwest Gaming Classic time again!

Another Midwest Gaming Classic has come and gone and we did not take nearly enough pictures as this one was the busiest one yet. We entertained countless attendees of the 10-12k who stopped by to chat and play board games as well as video and console games, and pinball machines.

Talked to lots of celebrities, saw lots of cool cosplay, and did lots of unique things that only can happen at a show like this.
Our “Publisher’s Row” got lots of attention and we directed lots of interested gamers to the retail vendors to buy the games they were interested in.

We answered the Call to Adventure!

Storytelling games are usually pretty hit-or-miss with not a lot falling in between those two points for most people. None of that changes with Call to Adventure. We found it to be very fun and look forward to multiple plays yet. 

Like most story telling games its lighter on strategy but there is a lot more player-directed action than most storytelling games, to the point the storytelling takes a back seat to the lighter game play.

Island of El Dorado

Island of El Dorado got tabled recently and here is the results. As you can see its a absolutely *gorgeous* game. The component quality is second to none. Every thing printed is on linen stock. Everything has weight and a solid feel. The classical art design is pure beauty to behold.

Pure Euro mechanics. There are dice to roll but using the variant for choosing die sides eliminates most of the luck save for the die rolls for combat, which use D6’s with blanks, 1’s and 2’s as results so those are also mitigated pretty well.

We played with 2 players and the experience will change drastically with the player count but it will work well with any number 2-4.