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Martian Dice

Components: Dice are your typical custom dice .

Game Setup: Mere seconds.

Mechanics: Dice farming, push-you-luck.

Game Play: Fast and easy. Roll dice, farm dice, score points. Repeat until a someone earns enough points to win.

Last Word:  This dice game entry from TMGs is the best one of these type of things we’ve played. While the mechanics of all these games are the same, this one offers one extra consideration to factor in when pushing-your-luck. If you are going looking for a dice game to assist your drinking time or just a quick filler, this is the best one in our opinion.

NEWGame Wrap Up

Another NEWGame is in the books! We daresay it was the best one ever and lots of fun was had. The escape room was the best one yet, we won a few things in the raffle and play-to-win, and helped a hundred or so people find new games to play from our library.
See you next year!

Outfoxed at NEWGame 2019!

We got to sit down with Ryan at Krippendorf Games to try out their upcoming Outfoxed.

We’re predicting this will be a huge hit in the social party game genre. It small and portable, rules explain in under 2 minutes, plays fast, but has a surprising amount of strategy for one small tin’s worth of game.

If you are into high ROI for your gaming dollar / gaming time and enjoy social interactive games, you certainly want to try this!

We’ve got an advanced copy and your next chance to play it with us will be at Gamehole Con at the end of the month. If you are at GHC be sure to ask to try this little gem!

HEXplore It

Components: High quality. Cardboard thickness and card stock is decent with a quality finish. Fantasy artwork is well done and fun to look at.

Game Setup: Setup is straight forward but the plethora of options to choose from can be a bit daunting, which is a good problem to have but take some time to go through all the materials.

Mechanics: Cooperative, character building, variable player powers.

Game Play: Adventure game succinct RPG elements.

Last Word:¬†We like adventure games and the encompassing game play of HEXplore-It ticks all the boxes for us. The options are practically limitless and the RPG -lite experience should be well received by any RPG players. There are some unique mechanics and devices used that we’ve not seen else as well. Its a longer endeavor but if you like RPG light experiences that are not watered down this is for you. Learn more at HEXplore-it.

We also will have a copy on display at NEWGame this weekend!


Components: Cubes and custom chits the quality you’ve come to expect from TMGs

Game Setup: Variable set up based on player count. Was nicely detailed in the rules set. Took 5 – 10 minutes the first time. Subsequent set ups will take half the time.

Mechanics: Hidden bidding, variable player powers, action selection, minor resource management

Game Play: Fast and easy simultaneous bidding with a clean up phase with some choices makes for a lighter and fun experience that plays as quickly with 5 players as it does with 2 players.

Last Word: We love games like this. Fast game play with some interesting choices but enough substance to make the game not really a filler.