Components: Average quality components for a game of this caliber. Nothing unexpected. That’s a good thing more or less. There are a few ambiguous areas in the rules but its nothing terrible.

Game Setup: Our first setup took about 10 minutes for one of the starting scenarios.

Mechanics: Resource management, hand management, action points, rock-paper-scissors, area control.

Game Play: Advance through multiple game phases taking alternating turns between players. Construct structures, make units, move units, evoke battles, score objectives, check for a winner.

Last Word: There isn’t a lot in the above categories to tell you how great this little game is. This is likely to fire Memoir 44 for us. The rock-paper-scissors mechanic for battles is not the standard issues RPS – its a unique twist of initiative and strength that is super simple but puts a lot of emphasis on battle planning. Is it “revolutionary”? Actually, maybe. We find gaming ROI very high with this title. If you like Memoir 44 but would like quicker game play and little more strategic battle outcomes this may be for you.

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