Got some new games to check out! Only played Heroes of Land, Air, and Sea so far and it was pretty well done. Most 4x games pretty much are the same affair and take some time to play but this felt that same as most 4x games but was way more elegant that the ones we’ve played. It felt a lot like the original Warcraft: Humans vs Orcs PC game which started the crazy way back when even though the mechanics are not similar at all. Worth a look if you are into 4x games.

We will get to the others shortly!

Another Midwest Gaming Classic has come and gone and we did not take nearly enough pictures as this one was the busiest one yet. We entertained countless attendees of the 10-12k who stopped by to chat and play board games as well as video and console games, and pinball machines.

Talked to lots of celebrities, saw lots of cool cosplay, and did lots of unique things that only can happen at a show like this.
Our “Publisher’s Row” got lots of attention and we directed lots of interested gamers to the retail vendors to buy the games they were interested in.

Getting ready for the Midwest Gaming Classic

The Midwest Gaming Classic is the largest gaming convention in Wisconsin with an annual attendance of 10k gamers! Again we’re providing the table-top game library where we loan out games, showcase games, and demo games. Its a big show and takes a lot of preparation so we’ve gotten an early start to all the work…

Publishers! Do we have your latest games in our collection? If not, and you’d like to have us put your game in front of thousands of faces and have it played by hungry gamers, now is the time to contact us to make the arrangements to get them to us!

More games from PAX and other library additions

Click pictures for expanded view…More special thanks rolling out to Slugfest Games, Atlas Games, Thunderworks Games, Crafty Games, Steve Jackson Games, and Mayday Games for donations to the MilCoG library. Come out and play these fun titles!

More New Games from PAX

Holiday break is giving us a chance to go through the boxes of donated games from our trip to PAX. So far we’re very impressed with everything we’ve played. Right now we are in an age of new games flooding the landscape but everything we’ve played from this trip is unique and fun which says a lot about the creativity of the industry.

All these games (and more we will be featuring as we can) are added to the MilCoG Game Library so come check them out at our events this coming year.

Happy Holidays!

New Games from PAX

So we got back from PAX Unplugged and had to wait for the boxes of games we acquired to arrive via UPS. Then right when they arrived we realized the error with the Game-a-ton event date being listed on the wrong dates and had to change that so we have not had a lot of time to go through everything yet. 

So here is the first bits of fun. We have maybe 40 games to organize and go through. Over the holiday break we will be posting pics of everything we got from publishers and adding those publishers to our supporter page. Then we add all the titles to the library and entering them into the checkout system. 

As we play them, we will be posting pics of each game in action and tagging our publisher friends so its easy to see what each game is and where to get more info on them and order them.

All of the games gained from PAX will be available starting at the Game-a-ton in January so come out and try all the new hotness out!

Click on the photos for an expanded view.

More Pax

Tomorrow is our last day at Pax so there will be some more sharing of all the MilCoG friends we met again and how our adventures played out. We are spending most of our time in the Gigamic booth volunteering for them because they always donate their awesome abstracts and party games to our library.  

Here is Jamey holding court during a game of Hellapagos, their “cooperative until it isn’t” game.  If you are here stop by to talk to Jamey or Erika! (click pic for link to publisher)