Game Universe Anniversary!

With the help of Verika Model and Gamer Gal helped Game Universe celebrate their Brookfield location’s one-year anniversary a few weeks back.

During this time when things will be getting tight for local businesses we ask that you try and support your local businesses, if you are able, as much as you can.

Good local businesses like Game Universe who are active parts of the community and are generous with groups like ours deserve to be remembered in times like these!

Also pictured are game from MilCoG sponsors we spied on the store shelves! We appreciate all our sponsors and partners during times like these! Consider patronizing those who give to the community!

Gamehole Con

Gamehole Con was as glorious as it always is. Thursday’s snow did not hamper attendance for the trick-or-treating and the gaming started out solid. I estimate total con attendance 4000-plus or so, so the GHC crew is doing a great job growing this show!

We don’t have the exact numbers yet but we checked out a record number of games this year. That is not surprising since every year the convention doubles the space for our game library. This year we had the capacity for 200-250 gamers in our space. We were booked solid from 11:15am on Saturday so the con expanded our space into the open-gaming space taking half of those tables as well. I predict we will be expanding the library space again next year if I had to bet.

To help with crowd control we implemented a table reservation system this year so not only did we have more space available to us than ever before, we also used the space more efficiently as well.

We always get good feedback on the library, as we should because its a great product. We also got great feedback on the table reservation system as well so it will return next year.

And library-goers enjoyed our Publisher’s Row as well, which is the table-space in front of the library where we display games from publishers who support our cause. Publisher’s Row was busy as well and all the games stationed there came and went to gaming tables throughout the entire con and we were able to speak to many games about the games displayed there.

There will be upcoming posts about more specific highlights of our time at Gamehole Con, but we wanted to get a general summary posted for people to see.

Happy Gaming!

Carcassonne Hunters and Gatherers

Components: The usual standard meeple game quality. The art isn’t the greatest and in some tile configurations it can be difficult to tell what region is being outlined.

Game Setup: The setup instructions are detailed and easy to follow.  

Game Play: Similar to regular Carcassonne, of course.

Mechanics: Tile placement and worker placement.

Summary: If you’ve played regular Carcassonne you know the drill. There are some small differences in H&G’s though and they make the experience much more strategic without adding complexity.

Last Word: Hunters and Gatherers is the best alternate version of Carcassonne if you ask us. It works specifically well as a two player game.