Martian Dice Tournament at Gamehole Con

Thanks to TMG for donating copies of Martian Dice for our Martian Dice tournament at Gamehole Con. We had 32 martians competing for the championship. Everyone who participated got to keep a copy of Martian Dice!

Verika Model and Gamer Gal checked-in contestants and organized play in the MilCoG game library space. She also took photos with all the semi-finalists and finalists.

We started out in groups of 4 with single-elimination play to determine the best player of those groups who then advances to the semi-finals where a one round play-off determined who advances to the final round. The final found determined that Dan was the best at abducting humans, cows, and chickens while avoiding Earth’s hapless defenses.

Another special thanks to Atlas Games for donating the first-place prize – a copy of their very fun Godsforge!

Everyone had a great time and there was audible cheering and laughing the entire time. Hopefully we can run another event like this in the future!

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Gamehole Con

Gamehole Con was as glorious as it always is. Thursday’s snow did not hamper attendance for the trick-or-treating and the gaming started out solid. I estimate total con attendance 4000-plus or so, so the GHC crew is doing a great job growing this show!

We don’t have the exact numbers yet but we checked out a record number of games this year. That is not surprising since every year the convention doubles the space for our game library. This year we had the capacity for 200-250 gamers in our space. We were booked solid from 11:15am on Saturday so the con expanded our space into the open-gaming space taking half of those tables as well. I predict we will be expanding the library space again next year if I had to bet.

To help with crowd control we implemented a table reservation system this year so not only did we have more space available to us than ever before, we also used the space more efficiently as well.

We always get good feedback on the library, as we should because its a great product. We also got great feedback on the table reservation system as well so it will return next year.

And library-goers enjoyed our Publisher’s Row as well, which is the table-space in front of the library where we display games from publishers who support our cause. Publisher’s Row was busy as well and all the games stationed there came and went to gaming tables throughout the entire con and we were able to speak to many games about the games displayed there.

There will be upcoming posts about more specific highlights of our time at Gamehole Con, but we wanted to get a general summary posted for people to see.

Happy Gaming!

MilCoG returning to Gamehole Con


November 8th – 11th MilCog will be providing game library services to Gamehole Con in Madison, WI. We’re in the middle of making some additions to our automated check-out system to make it even easier to find, check-out, and return games.

We’re bring all the usual fun, as usual so stop by and see what’s new and hot. We’re likely sharing some space with Verika Model and Gamer Gal so whatever she’s got up her sleeve will be in the vicinity as well.