Components: Fantastic quality components and nice art. Some of of the icons on the board could be more distinct but this is a minor gripe.

Game Setup: Our first setup took about 20 minutes. Subsequent setups should only take 10 minutes or less.

Mechanics: Resource management, engine building, tableau building, route building, variable player powers.

Game Play: Recruit trolls to gain resources and activate existing trolls in your trollsmoot. Dig tunnels to connect to areas to build workshops to earn variable powers to use each turn or tunnel to scoring opportunities.

Last Word: A unique take on tableau building that is heavy on resource management. Predetermined tunnel shapes gives interesting choices when tunnel building. After couple plays with 2 players its seems it might have a runaway leader problem but that may be mitigated by a more crowded play field with 3 or 4 players or just choosing closer start locations – in any case it did not dampen the fun for either of us. If you enjoy engine building games you should give this a try.

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