Components: This is the Deluxe Edition with very high-quality components. Minor nit-pick: the gold nuggets were plastic and not metal.

Game Setup: Our first play took 15 minutes to setup. Subsequent plays will probably only take 10 or so.

Mechanics: Simultaneous role-selection, resource management, hand-management, engine-building, bluffing.

Game Play: Secretly select your role while engaging in some bluffing to manipulate your friends to do your bidding, collect your resources, spend your resources.

Last Word: Another game that “resource management” does not being to describe the game at all. Coloma is a great blend of all its mechanics in a way that makes it greater than the sum of its parts. We found it to be very fun and easier to play through than Final Frontier Game’s earlier release – Rise to Nobility (which we reviewed earlier this year in this blog). Final Frontier Games is quickly becoming a favorite publisher and we’re looking to buy whatever they release at this point.

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