Welcome to this travel edition of MilCoG reviews. Today while on vacation at an indoor water park we played a few Halloween themed games…

Components: The same high-quality components you expect from a major publisher. Wooden meeples, good art, good production quality.

Game Setup: A few minutes is all it takes to setup Ghosts of the Moor.

Mechanics: Set collection, risk management, push-you-luck, dice rolling/roll-and-move, race.

Game Play: Simple and light game play. Roll the die, choose which member of your team to move based on your set collection goals and stomach for risk.

Last Word: Ghosts of the Moor is a really fun game if you are looking for something portable and light with a short playing time that still feels like a game. It has hit our table more than a few times when we wanted to play a little more but did not want to start something “regular sized” and its even traveled with us and was played at a small airport waiting area table. If you want a new filler-type game you can do a lot worse than Ghosts of the Moor. MilCoG recommended! See TMG for more info…

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