Components: High quality. Cardboard thickness and card stock is decent with a quality finish. Fantasy artwork is well done and fun to look at.

Game Setup: Setup is straight forward but the plethora of options to choose from can be a bit daunting, which is a good problem to have but take some time to go through all the materials.

Mechanics: Cooperative, character building, variable player powers.

Game Play: Adventure game succinct RPG elements.

Last Word: We like adventure games and the encompassing game play of HEXplore-It ticks all the boxes for us. The options are practically limitless and the RPG -lite experience should be well received by any RPG players. There are some unique mechanics and devices used that we’ve not seen else as well. Its a longer endeavor but if you like RPG light experiences that are not watered down this is for you. Learn more at HEXplore-it.

We also will have a copy on display at NEWGame this weekend!

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