Components: Top-quality throughout the production. Art is fantastic and extra details are nice.

Game Setup: Setup instructions were easy to follow and setup was quick.

Game Play: Skulk Hollow is an interesting asymmetrical two-player game. How things play out is highly dependent on which monster of the four available 4 monsters is being played as each monster has different rules and abilities. The non-monster player also has a choice of which leader they are going to use for the game making for some dynamic changes in game play based on monster/leader combinations.

Mechanics: Action selection and hand management.

Summary: Top-notch gaming presentation with easy mechanics, plenty of choices, and solid game play with a shorter run time.

Last Word: If a head-to-head fight wrapped up in a cute presentation is what you are looking for, look no further. We rather enjoyed our time in Skulk Hollow and will visit plenty more times.

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