Components: Nice quality. Good art but the color palate wasn’t the most vibrant and there is a lot to look at as you play so things seem to get washed together after a while.

Game Setup: The setup instructions are adequate. There is a bit of setup as tile counts chance depending on player count.

Game Play: Medium-light game play with some interesting risk-taking choices. Not a lot of player interaction but some is available. 

Mechanics: Tile selection and placement with some resource management.

Summary: Think Suburbia meets 7 Wonders but somehow not as good as either of those. The disaster/catastrophe tiles are really mean and unbalanced, especially in a two-player game. There is no one regular play in the game that can swing the victory point balance as much as a disaster tile does. I suppose its supposed to be a catch-up mechanic and there are steps players can take to mitigate the risk of disaster tiles but at the end of the day luck determines who may get reamed by a disaster, and those plays can decide who wins and who loses. No one likes to be on the business end of plays like that.

Last Word: Its an interesting tile laying game that’s easy and fun to play. We quit using the disaster tiles at least in 2-player games and that improved our experience quite a bit. There are better games out there that do what this does and they do it better as well. If you are big on Sim City type games you should check this out though.

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