Components: The quality components you’d expect from a release like this. Miniatures of the main characters instead of tokens might have been more fun though.

Game Setup: The setup instructions are simple and detailed. There is a deck of mission cards to play through and each requires a similar but different setup.

Game Play: Linear. There are three training missions to complete that gradually teaches game concepts. Since this is a solo/cooperative game this is a nice touch as there is no human opponent to know if you inadvertently “cheat” and point it out.

Mechanics: Spending points on available actions to solve your mission objectives.

Summary: This game is ripe for promoting the dreaded “Alpha-gamer” syndrome. Thwarting that usually involves all players getting involved in a discussion about what the players should do each and every turn. We can’t think of a more effective way to wreck this game and take all the fun out of it unless you are playing with children and want to encourage that type of collaboration. What can save this experience is limiting open discussion at the start of each mission determining roughly how to achieve the mission objectives and then not speaking on each other’s turns to let each player figure out for themselves how to accomplish what needs to be done.

Last Word: Being a highly themed abstract game it will be easy for players to experience the dreaded “alpha gamer” situation with this one. That means it’s perfect for solo play though.

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