Components: Excellent component quality. This is the Deluxe Edition and it included stylized wooden meeples and an identical set of plastic miniatures so we can choose the component style each time we play.

Game Setup: Setup is simple with several scenarios outlined in the rule book.

Game Play: Straight forward and pretty simplistic.

Mechanics: This is cooperative abstract gaming experience.

Summary: Theme is fantastic and applied through the entire experience including the rule set. Since this is a cooperative game and its game play is simplistic and abstract it can be played solo as a puzzle just as easily as a multiplayer game.

Last Word: A light game with abstract mechanics simple enough for the non-gaming crowd. However, this really offers itself to the “Alpha Gamer Syndrome” which can plague cooperative efforts. Game play is also pretty dry. This game would be ideally suited as a family game with parents playing with their children.

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