Components: Components are the quality you’d expect for a regular sized board game. The artwork is good and fits the theme but the color pallet used throughout can make some of the tokens blend into the board and hard to find. The miniatures are unique and good quality.

Game Setup: Setup was straightforward and took just a few minutes.

Game Play: Completing missions to advance the game is the central concept. Missions are custom for each individual character. There are many characters to choose from. There are several ways to complete each mission and while each character has different mission goals to choose from at all times, the multiple ways in which missions can be completed provides player interaction.

Mechanics: A variety of euro-style choices drive the game play.

Summary: Unique in subject matter and game play it can be described as “Euro Touch of Evil” perhaps. The combination of different options wrapped up in a historical fairy tale theme from an old country provides a very unique experience from most modern board game offerings.

Last Word: Fun game play and interesting subject matter and theme provide excellent gaming ROI for us. The game presents itself just beautifully! We’re looking forward to subsequent plays of this one.

See Underworld Kingdom for more on this beautiful game!

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