We know there are mixed reviews on this one but so far so good for us – we enjoy it quite a bit. Might actually become our favorite pickup-and-deliver game. Thanks to Game Universe for saving us a copy!

Components: Its a FFG game so its the usual high-quality production. They used character standees instead of miniatures and left out ships all-together, which would have been fun to include.

Game Setup: Initial setup took a bit – 15 to 20 minutes. Subsequent setups should be quicker.

Mechanics: Action selection and pick up and deliver are the main mechanics along with some light hand-management.

Game Play: Limited sandbox play with some combat, questing, and skill tests. Think Merchants and Marauders lite in space.

Last Word: We rather enjoyed our first play and had requests to play it again. Run time is much more reasonable than Merchants and Marauders with much of the feel, plus some extras. We enjoy Merchants and Marauders but this pretty much fires it for us.

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