Its fair to say that Journeys in Middle Earth is a hit around here. We’ve pretty much completed the first campaign. Clearly its Descent-like but its hard to say if its better or worse than Descent. Its different for sure despite sharing a lot of similar characteristics.

Thanks to Game Universe for saving us one along with a Middle Earth play-mat!

Components: Its a FFG production so its the same consistent high-quality you expect from them. The color pallet leaves a little to be desired IMO and some tokens can get lost on the board at times.

Game Setup: Easy and quick setup. App walks you through the starting conditions of every campaign you play.

Mechanics: Hand management, variable powers, action selection.

Game Play: Descent-ish with some differences, most notably dice-less combat.

Last Word: We enjoy our romps though Middle Earth quite a bit. If you like Descent, especially with Road to Legend, you should give this a try.

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