So Descent meets Mansions of Madness Second Edition meets Lord of the Rings? Yeah, it was pre-ordered!

The special edition mats did not arrive yet but the game is here and tabled.

It looks a little sparse setup, truth be had. That said it plays so well that its glorious.

Fantasy Flight really knows what they are doing when they set out to craft clever little new mechanics to add to games to make them slightly different.

The management mechanics to this look like Mansions of Madness as a casual glance but they are much different and more elegant. Diceless combat is the first big difference, for example. The way abilities and test are more congruent in this one as well as the over-all predictability really makes for a less random experience.

At the end of the day its still a Fantasy Flight release so its still not going to impress or not annoy Euro purists, but that is totally fine by most fans of these kind of games. I don’t know it it will totally fire Mansions of Madness but it if Fantasy Flight Games expands this one like they do everything like it I can see taking up huge chunks of table time leaving a lot less for things similar to it.

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