Early morning pirate goodness. Pirate Republic is a little rough on the first play, but its a fun Euro/Ameritrash combo about a subject matter that has run it course already.

Be sure to download the latest rulebook. The first rule book is a mess and the designers full own it. The latest version contains plenty of typos but is much clearer regarding the mechanics.

There are several minor shortcomings with this title, but they are very minor like the ships could have been customized to match your pirate clan.

The mechanics are different and offer an experience that is fun and not like anything else out there. Its clearly not Merchants and Marauders and while comparisons will be made, its clearly not trying to be as it plays in a fifth of the time as M&M. The mechanics are different enough that when we started playing I thought the experience was broken, but we played on anyways and it ended up being a pretty clever, if not clouded system.

If you are looking for different fun that plays in a casual time frame but is not casual itself, you can do a lot worse than Pirate Republic.

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