Masters of the Galaxy

Master of the Galaxy is colorful but needs more than 2 players to really work well.

Masters of the Galaxy we fun for what it was, if you go in wanting that kind of fun. Its easy to see why most 4x games are all-day affairs. We really wanted to love this game. Its well produced and fun to look at. And the possibilities during play are pretty vast. However since the winning conditions can be filled in an hour or so if can feel pretty underwhelming. We really enjoyed the abstraction of the mechanics and how they fit the theme, but its over before you really get going is what it feels like. And all 4x games can feel like this no matter how long they take to play I guess. There is always the run-up time to get going where there is little or no conflict followed by the period where its all conflict. With everything so abstract (which we love) the conflict portion pretty much plays out itself just reporting how how well you were able to do in the run-up portion of the game.

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